There’s Enough On This Planet For Everyone’s Needs. But Not For Everyone’s Greed. Mahatma Gandhi


The Happy Food Dance Challenge is a neoteric digital advocacy dynamism empowered with social media and multi-streaming forums for synergistic year-round campaigns; to assist with hunger initiatives, health and fitness awareness, culinary arts and agricultural arts educational grants, food truck grants, and corporate – entrepreneurial statements for success and support. The HFDC is completely free to the masses to enjoy globally, easy to engage with, and everyone is welcome to participate in this fun and original style of a hunger outreach challenge. We all must eat right?! That’s the ‘beauty of the beast’ with this story for anyone to tell in their own way.

The twist of this challenge is simple. Just express the undeniable soul-stirring gratification when fantastic food is going down! All that’s necessary is access to a recording or capturing apparatus to create, share, like and let your style shine in any way you want to represent that yumminess! You can post impromptu or rehearsed dance routines and food-related presentations such as videos, movies, gifs, audio, memes, images, etc.; of a dance / artwork / act – performance piece / song / track / anthem / script / written – spoken word / athleticism / stunt / trick / game / comedy-jokes / tribute / montage / dare / your own challenge et cetera. 3 seconds – 3 minutes – 30 minutes or more. Get in, how you can digitally fit in. It is truly up to your creativity…

The Grooves ~ Energy

The Energy of this ongoing challenge campaign intrinsically originated organically from the absolute and pure delight in expressing love for that succulent and savory cuisine, and those awe-inspiring libation accompaniments. Anyone, anywhere on the planet can participate. You can have so much fun smiling and laughing while creating new and enduring memories, impressions and acknowledgements to win contests, gifts and prizes; as HFDC support hunger initiatives, education and entrepreneurship. Music is always welcomed with your dances/presentations, yet it is not required. Do You!

So, HFDC is going beyond the few random gifs, memes and songs to represent collectively for all the lovers of exquisite eats while battling hunger crises. From Chicken Cordon Bleu to Chicken Wings. Salads to Soufflés. To Serving the Perfect Drink Pairings. Share your joy, grooves, moves and moods for food! So, What’s Your Happy Food Dance? The Happy Food Dance Challenge is a Public Benefit Corporation, and this ideal was birthed for hunger advocacy, social responsibility and the greater good. For this is what we do…

Happy Food Dance Challenge Official Package

Challenges ~ Campaigns ~ Contests

Challenge Campaigns and Contests

Best and Most Like Posts:

We are Enthusiastically Encouraging Engagement from Everyone who can access a phone, video camera, computer, tablet, et cetera; to post your Happy Food Dances, Performances and Presentations. We are giving everyone ‘organic and fair categories’ to engage with for a chance to win gifts and prizes and/or acknowledgements. So, we’re kicking off 5 styles of competing challenges for the most likes and best videos / presentations (by peers) to be awarded accordingly…

  1. Solo or with Multiple People Happy Food Dance Challengers.
  2. Leading Lights, Celebrity, Famous and Philanthropist Happy Food Dance Challengers.
  3. Restaurant Owners, Chefs and Staff Happy Food Dance Challengers.
  4. Any Business Owners, Bands, Teams, Groups, Crews, et cetera Happy Food Dance Challengers.
  5. Special Categories: Children, Furry Best Friends and Other Happy Food Dance Challengers.

Bonus: We’re rocking a ‘Represent Your City’ campaign. It’s not a contest with prizes. Yet, it is continuous Shout-Outs for ‘Digital Street Accreditations’ of the best / most liked posts if you mention your city within the dance or post.

Leading Lights / Celebrity / Philanthropy Edition:

It would truly be cool to have some fabulous famous icons in any industry as contenders to share your Happy Food Dances. Maybe even make new memories including your family and friends preparing and/or sitting down for a meal. You can show-off cooking your best gourmet signature dishes – desserts and cocktails, grilling skills, tell everyone who has the best cheesesteaks and favorite food products recommendations, display your gardens and greenhouses, host a ‘teach your kids (or grown-up loved ones) how-to-cook day and more. Maybe even do some surprise food deliveries or a pop-up event that we will happily broadcast. Without a doubt, having your energy will assist in furthering both your and our efforts. So, if you rock with us and share your dancing, presentations, food skills etc.? We will re-roll bone-fide (by peers) Leading Lights, Celebrities and Philanthropists dances / presentations posts, with your additional acknowledgements for free press on your behalf. It can be for a cause you love, business, event, product, philanthropic venture or a project that you’re involved in respectfully, with the Omni-Channel ~ Multi-Media ~ Multi-Streaming Platforms that HFDC has on deck. It would be an honor…

Charitable Benefactor 2024 ~ Hunger Initiative

Hunger Initiative Focus ~ Meals On Wheels America

The level of respect and regard that HFDC has for our elders is insurmountable. Our history! With the number of seniors rapidly growing, sustainable nutritional options are paramount, and nothing is getting cheaper these days. The ability to choose healthy options can be expensive, and then nourishment and healthy lifestyles are compromised. Add that to a fixed income and the fact that so many of them can’t even leave their homes?! The concerns remain difficult and unmanageable without outside assistance…

The Mission 2024

By giving vulnerable seniors the nourishment and companionship they need to remain in their own homes, MOW provides more than just a meal, while making an impact in the communities where we live and work. We can demonstrate our commitment to giving back to our elderly neighbors, loved ones and friends. HFDC is assisting. If it’s within our power. Why wouldn’t we for them?

The Happy Food Dance Challenge will honor other worthy and legitimate hunger initiatives every new campaign year or as we choose to. This campaign was going down no matter what. We have a Non-profit and Public Benefit background and it’s easier to garner advocacy attention to involve this campaign with access to major charities. We chose MOW to start, simply to bring more awareness to an underserved cause in the plethora of charitable giants. We wouldn’t be having this conversation without our elders and ancestors – past and present – good and bad. They still need us – as we needed them. Just the facts…

The Happy Food Dance ~ Meals On Wheels Challenge This special edition session is in addition to the HFDC’s National / Global Challenge. We request that the ‘much appreciated’ delivery drivers and the fabulous elder meal recipients participate in this challenge together to make a Happy Food Dance video upon deliveries. Together they will receive gifts and prizes such as gift cards to Amazon / Walmart, online delivery grocery store services such as Instacart and food delivery services such as Door Dash – Grub hub – Uber Eats et cetera, upon winning the most likes and best videos of this challenge. We can’t wait to see all the deliverers and the elders moving and grooving! Love Life Our Peoples…

Why should there be hunger and deprivation in any land, in any city, at any table; when man has the resources and the scientific know-how to provide all mankind with the basic necessities of life? There is no deficit in human resources. The deficit is in human will. ~Martin Luther King Jr.

Grant Programs

Culinary Arts and Agricultural Arts Grants For the willful souls who truly aspire to attend an educational platform for the Culinary Arts or Agricultural Arts and for the go-getters who are currently attending this realm of an educational forum to garner certifications and degrees. HFDC would love to ease some of their financial burden and award enrolled students with grants to pursue their callings and dreams to succeed in these food sciences industries. These Charitable Grants will be awarded to the best written essays answering the entitled: Who – What – When – Where and Why is Food My Mission?! Tell us: Who you are? What program are you pursuing? When will you attend or when are you graduating? Where is the program? Why is this your calling / passion and Why should you receive a grant?

Food Truck Grants For the spirited culinary entrepreneurs. We would love to provide Food Truck Start-up Grants and Grants to improve ‘actively doing business’ fully-functional Food Trucks. These Charitable Grants will be awarded to the best business plans for new or established food trucks. Forward-focused, we hope to establish HFDC food trucks, co-op and/or form partnerships with food trucks currently in business to visit and feed poverty-stricken areas whenever we can make it happen. ***Charitable Gifting can be designated towards the 2024 benefactor(s) and/or Grant Program(s) causes individually. HFDC is built and designed to independently gift along beside you. Teamwork makes the dream work. Say Word! Word lol…

Marketing and Strategic Planning

Marketing and Strategic Planning

Omni-Channel ~ Multi-Media Marketing ~ Multi-Streaming ~ Advertising & Sponsorship

Social Enterprise ~ Digital Advocacy ~ Philanthropy ~ Cause Marketing

∞ HFDC Website Branded Spaces, Logos and Links.  

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∞ Pop-Up Events – Digital and Brick & Mortar – TBA.

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∞ Other Industries Collaborations – TBA

The Connections ~ Timelines

Year-Round Branding Opportunities – B2B ~ B2C ~ C2C ~ C2B

Hunger doesn’t have an end date. So, HFDC’s marketing inception is catered towards a continuously evolving outreach opportunity for causes and connections. HFDC can add-in awesome new ingredients to the mix of this campaign’s menu. The longer it runs, the more your company can add-on all kinds of à la carte dishes for more branding opportunities to serve your consumers varied palettes. While giving you ample timelines to continue to expand your reach with your current campaigns with us, and design new custom campaigns with HFDC’s blueprint of techniques and tactics of marketing management strategies… Timelines are ‘first come first serve’ and are limited to time and space permitted to maximize visibility and capture effective interactions. We will NEVER over-season any brands’ visibility or burn the confidence and integrity that our clients entrusted to us. These methods along with mandatory mutual respect are paramount in all our endeavors’ structural matrix. Simply said, this is a unique, genuine and potentially game-changing challenge, with a National / Global ‘across-the-boards’ audience to choose exponential target markets and increase notoriety. Branding is almost as boundless as your creativity. Exciting times! So here we go. Inquire, sponsor and advertise today!

Holiday Kick-off Sponsor Special

Digital Connections ~ Links To Connect With Us

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Givebutter – International Online / Mobile Charity Fundraising Livestreaming donations. Live display donations. Website and Mobile text-to-donate and scan-to-donate. All major credit cards, debit cards, Venmo, PayPal, Google Pay and Apple Pay digital wallets accepted. Text-To-Donate: Text ‘Challenge’ to 53-555 or Scan QR Code below.

GoFundMe – International Online / Mobile Charity Fundraising All major credit cards, debit cards, Venmo, PayPal, Google Pay and Apple Pay digital wallets accepted.

Facebook – Social Media Charity Fundraising

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